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Lloyd & Carolyn Lockett Chief Executive Officers


Pastors Lloyd and Minister Carolyn Lockett are the chief executive officers (CEO), developers and founders of multiple online companies. This outstanding anointed husband and wife team are one of Christendom's most well respected leaders in the business world as well as the church body.
Because of the Locketts strong passion for souls they have trusted God for the kingdom building tools provided them for the purpose of seeing God’s people grow from poverty to fulfilling destiny. The Locketts believe that this world is full of purposeful people that need a catalyst to promote a change that will produce the affect that is necessary to start the spark that will ignite the fire.
A world from the Pastor, quote
“ It takes a free man to free a bound one. We serve a God that is infinite in power, presence and knowledge. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, he is all in all providing a holistic healing for the homosapien creation and you are His prized possessions beloved. If we trust God and push forward toward our dreams, the enemy’s hold on us will loosen and our imperfections, failures, and shortcomings will no longer be one of our options. Do this in Jesus’ name.” unquote.   




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www.kratosprinting.net www.kratosprinting.ne      A closing statement from the Locketts.
We want to see you move into the position the Lord Jesus has prepared for you, designed and created for you and you alone. We can help you reach the top of that mountain and in the name of Jesus we will pull each other up one step at a time. Be blessed in Jesus name and pray for us as we pray for you